Tone Down Tech (TDT) came about through a desire to stop – pause – and take stock of the impact of digital technology in our homes.

Wherever you are in the world, workplaces, schools, cafes, shopping centres, cars, even pubs and clubs are buzzing day and night with devices and signal frequencies.

Have you ever considered the impact of 24/7 exposure to Wi-Fi, especially on the quality of your sleep? Worried about your children’s unlimited access to digital technology? Wondered about the effect a bright digital screen might be having on your eyesight or concentration levels?

Why not tone it down a notch at home?

TDT is excited to bring you a range of carefully-sourced products that enable you to better manage Wi-Fi exposure in your home.

  • Our Timer enables you to easily limit or control Wi-Fi access, perfect for families with small children or anyone who has consistent use patterns.
  • The Remote Switch goes one step further, enabling you to switch off completely at the press of a button, ensuring the whole family can sleep peacefully without interference.
  • TDT’s Blue Light Filtering Glasses help effectively filter the blue light emitting from any device.

Individually, each TDT product is a small step towards regaining some control over your family’s Wi-Fi usage. Collectively, they can completely transform your dependence on digital technology at home.

The Remote Switch and Timer have been fully tested in New Zealand to NZ and Australian safety and technical specifications.

And we are proud to present the best, most efficient, fit for purpose remote switches and timers on the market!