Why turn your Wi-Fi off?

In today’s lightning-fast, global communities, we can be guilty of feeling we need to be switched on around the clock. But did you know that our brains can recognise (and importantly, be impacted by) a pulsed Wi-Fi signal while we are asleep? Read more here.

Indeed, the results of a randomised controlled trial in Zurich, Switzerland, showed that Wi-Fi can definitely impact or alter what stage of sleep we are in, and how long we remain in that stage.

In some countries, Wi-Fi has been banned in childcare centres and schools out of concern of over exposure to children’s developing brains.

With our homes pulsating with electro magnetic frequency (EMF) radiation between your Wi-Fi router and all the devices everyone has on the go during our waking hours, it simply makes good sense to give our tired brains a break during those precious nighttime sleep cycles.

Make it easy.

There is only one easy way to turn off your Wi-Fi from bed - a remote switch. Unfortunately, most switches currently on the market are controlled by Wi-Fi. Others simply aren’t fit for purpose as they work only via remote and so can’t be overridden (eg when you’ve misplaced the remote). So having a manual on/off button on the plug is also essential.

Tone Down Tech’s (TDT’s) Remote Switch ticks all the boxes. As easy as turning your bedside lamp on and off, use our Remote Switch to switch your entire household’s Wi-Fi off at night, then back on in the morning.

Or, if you prefer a little more structure or your household has more consistent Wi-Fi usage habits, you might prefer to plug in TDT’s Timer , simply pre-setting your access hours through the day or night.

Either way, wouldn’t you prefer to sleep the way nature intended, with the least amount of electrical and electromagnetic activity humming away in the background? At TDT, we don’t take any chances when it comes to our family’s sleep. If you want to protect your family in the same way, then our Remote Switch and digital Timer are the easiest, most cost-effective ways to ensure you can sleep peacefully the whole night through.